I have been using this product for almost 6 months. I love the packaging of this product. It gives you different feel compared to the other products available in the market, especially because of the pump. I am 29 years old and I think I am facing dandruff problems from almost 29 years. Sounds dirty…but that’s true. So you can imagine the variety of products, home remedies, spa and all other super rocking methods which I tried. These methods sometimes kept me away from dandruff, however, were very inconsistent in performance.

This oil is actually very consistent. I massaged my scalp with this oil before bath daily for a week and experienced great results.

Overall one of the best anti dandruff products available in market and has lovely fresh fragrance. 4.5 stars out of 5.

Now don’t search for 5 star.. you will not find it. Wish you a dandruff free life ahead.


I have been using Moha’s face wash for around 2 months now and have marked a big difference on my face. I have noticed reduction in pimples and at the same time my skin is not over dried. The products I used earlier used to over dry my skin but not with Moha. I use it regularly followed by the Moha’s rose water spray as a part of my daily routine.


A must try!!!

I am a working woman and a mother of two. With so much on hand, I hardly find time to take care of myself. My finger and toe nails were the last of my priorities, when I received a surprise gift of “Moha Nail Cream“. Initially I was skeptical, but then I started using this product regularly. Within 7 days, I began noticing the difference in my nails. They now look healthy, with the brittleness gone. Infact my friends and colleagues at work noticed that my fingers were looking attractive with the nails having a healthy shine. I highly recommend this product to all the working women and busy home-makers. A 5 minute regime will give you beautiful and healthy nails.


I have used 3 of the Moha line of products- The anti-dandruff Oil, the moisturiser and the Foot Care Cream. I am very happy with these products. But the Foot Care Cream is simply magical. I have very dry & chappy feet & I was tired of using expensive creams and lotions all day to make them look decent. One day I came across Moha’s foot care cream and thought of giving it a try. I was more than amazed to find out the effects it had on my feet in a single day. There was no dryness and the feet looked fresh and moist all day long. After using it continuously for a week, my cracked heels were also almost recovered. I am just too happy with this product. I also recommended this to my cousin who had a lot of dead skin and black marks on her feet. She used it and found it so useful, that she has asked me to get 2 more big packs of the cream. My other family members are also using this product and are extremely happy.

The best part about this product is that it not only heals and repairs, but also beautifies the feet. Would blindly recommend Moha’s Foot Care Cream to everyone..!! Thanks Moha 🙂


Alka5 syrup is very effective in burning urination. Thanks, Dr. Charak to inform me about this product.


Your products are good, I want it for my clinic.


Good products….Thanks. I prefer Charak medicines.


Dr. Charak your medicines are really effective…want to be in contact with u …on routine basis for my health problems.


Hi, I use to suffer from recurrent eye allergies. I took Extrammune for three months after consulting Dr. Charak and I am a lot better as far as my eye allergy is concerned. Thank you, Dr. Charak.


I am using Prosteez tablets since 6 months and my symptoms related to BPH has reduced by 40 -50%. I am satisfied with the product.


Dear Dr. Charak, I am taking OBENYL TABLETS for weight reduction for last 2 weeks …2 tab twice day .. it is helping me to reduce weight.. can I add Obenyl Nutra what should be dosage?

Amit Misra


Dear Dr, thanks for your reply doctor. It was very useful indeed.

Nidhi Shah